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Women and senior citizens have become a soft target of crimes. To fight back with these heinous crimes Action India Home Products have designed a self defense Stun Gun in Mount Abu India. The gadget is also known as Taser and electric shock gun, since it impart electric shock in the veins of the attacker. The women safety gun is user friendly and to own it you do not require a license

Ultra Compact Stun Gun

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Self Defence Stun Gun

Self Defence Stun Gun buy now details

Mobile Phone Style Stun Gun

Mobile Phone Style Stun Gun buy now details

Police Stun Baton With Torch

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Taiwan Police Force Stun Gun

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Exapandable Type Stun Gun

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Lipstick Stun Gun

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Air Pistols For Personal Use

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How the device works:

The device is small and compact enough to be carried and kept in the purse, pocket, and bag or hidden in the socks. When the liver of the device is pulled it releases a temporary shock, which unable the attackers to stand and thus the girl gets an enough time to escape and call for help. Stun Gun in Mount Abu is available online and at retail shops at the best price.

The electric shock causes breakdown of the person, since the shock is of low amperage, so no serious injury is caused to the attacker. It is a self defense item which is designed for ladies, senior citizens, BPO workers, college girls, cash/jewelers and valuable carriers, night travelers and body guards. The interested people can buy the Electric Shock gun from us, we are the leading suppliers and dealers of the stun guns.

Types of ladies safety gun are:

• Ultra compact stun gun in Mount Abu - All stun guns have the same function, the size and appearance differentiates one stun gun from the other. An ultra compact stun gun is a streetwise stun gun which is very small in size and therefore can be carried in pocket, purse, bag and etc.
• Self defense Stun gun- It has an inbuilt LED flash light apart with powerful light which releases shock.
• Self Defense Cell Phone Style Stun Gun 2 Lakh Volt in Mount Abu – This sock gun resembles the cell phone and so no one can suspect it as a stun gun.
• Police Stun Baton with Built in Torch Function- The device looks like a torch and has an inbuilt flash light.
• Lipstick Stun Gun- The device is named after a cosmetic, used by women. The gun has 350,000 volts, which can jolt an attacker to his senses.

Apart from these stun guns you can also try air gun, air pistol, and latest air guns in Mount Abu also.

stun gun
stun gun
stun gun